Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Chapter

One of my favourite past time would be reading my old blogs, reminiscing the old times. It's a good feeling. It travels me back in time, reminds me of the good things that happened, and the bad things. It reminds me of certain friendships that I had that are now long gone. It reminds me of the stupid things I did but will never regret. It reminds me of the stupid things I did and regretted. It lets me live those moments again.

Honestly speaking, I wouldn't say I have a bad memory, but somehow I realised I actually forgot many things that happened in the past. This makes me thankful for blogging. To have a space to remember everything for me. Thus, after not blogging for such a long time, I decided I should. Not for anything else but keep sake. As usual, a few years down the road I know I will be reading this.

I went to my previous blog and felt like I couldn't continue blogging in that space. I want to but there's just too many emotional posts. I want to start a fresh. A new blog, a new beginning, for it's a new chapter of my life, after all.

Irrelevant, but ending the start of my new beginning with my current favourite quote. :)

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