Saturday, July 27, 2013

Haji Lane / Arab Street

Uhm... I apologise for shamelessly starting this post off with my selfies... 


Ok yes yes it stops here lolol. But of course you're still gna see a lot of my face since it's well... my blog! haha


We had nasi briyani at zam zammmmmmmm. It feels quite exciting to break fast. I mean we all weren't fasting la except for atikah but we waited for 7.18pm to "break fast" together of course.

Before that we went to the food bazaar or something. I don't really know what it's called but there were sooo much food and I ate some satay bun becuz I was starving. Soooo in the end I couldn't finish my dinner lol. But it was a mega huge portion please?! I think it was meant to be shared by two lor. I don't know how Sandy and Justin wiped the entire plate off. Plus they had lunch... HAHAH #win

Thanks Atikah for my ootd shots! It's actually a very colourful graffiti but I just really like this black and white filter... hahaha. I love this phrase.. "All we need is love and a dog" ..

And we had froyo at tutti frutti hehe

Hahahaha it was really dark okay..

Laughed so hard my bladder was about to explode HAHAHAHA this ALWAYS happens to me lolol.

This is such a late post... I'm seriously lazy at everything even blogging. The next 1& 1/2 week is gna be hectic with all the final formal presentations to end off the modules!! After which would be hari raya and national day etc and 2 weeks of study break whichhhhh tecnhnically means my holidays starts after this 1 & 1/2 weeks since I only have 2 papers to sit for.. Yay!! For now, praying everything goes smoothly for editing of our short film and 4/5 presentations (even I'm confused counting lol) 

"I don't care about being the best. I care about doing MY best."

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