Saturday, August 3, 2013

Careless me is careless

I had a few draft posts that I was gna start on but I got lazy. So I l thought I'll blog another day. And then I lost my phone. Yeap. So all my pictures are gone :'( A lot of them are from my friends' phone but really don't wna ask them to send me again and I have to edit again and all y'know.. So forget it hahaha. If you're curious as to how I lost my phone.. well actually it got stolen.

It was the day Desiree was leaving for Melbourne which was on Tuesday. I was meeting Charissa and Kah yeng at north point before heading to the airport. I reached earlier so I thought I'll just go to the toilet. It was at B2's toilet if I'm not wrong. I had to wash my hands, and if you know me, I'm ALWAYS holding my phone in my hands. I never have the habit of keeping it in my bag becuz I just feel weird not holding it. I hope I'm not the only one like this?! Haha. So naturally like what I always do, I'll put my phone on the table. I mean it's just beside the sink, and I'm right there. Hence obviously it has NEVER crossed my mind that my phone would get stolen in that kind of situation right..??

But it was still my fault la... Cuz I turned around to grab a tissue. When I was trying to pull a tissue out from the thingy, an auntie told me that there's no tissue there. I just nodded and said orh okay. And then I just blew dry my hands under the dryer. Everything happened in just 5 seconds guys. I turned back around, it was gone. WHO DAT DARING ASS NINJA!?!?! Lol to think I can still joke about it now haha. But SEEEERIOUSLY? Ok ok I know and I've said it is my fault for even leaving it there. But I literally really really just turned around. Didn't even walk any steps away from the sink. How would I know right?! Someone would be this evil? A female too? I mean I don't wish to stereotype but I DON'T KNOW WHY to me, guys are more likely to steal than girls. If there are any guys reading this, please don't kill me and I'm not being sexist in any way though I think I am. AIYA I don't know la but that's just how I feel.

Anyway, I was so shock I didn't even know how to react. Just imagine okay, everyone's entering/getting out of the cubicles, washing their hands, one doing her makeup, and then there's me standing there looking LOST AS any human being can be. I made sure I checked through the entire sink-table or whatever it's called and even my bag even though I left it on the table just to confirm. There were so many aunties I didn't know whether I was suppose to ask everyone if they saw my phone or not. And I didn't know if I should run out of the toilet to catch the person. But I was afraid the person was still in the toilet. (Sounds stupid to me now. Who wouldn't actually run away lol zzz -_-) Long story short, I was just confused LOL.

In the end, I asked an auntie whether she saw my phone. Obviously she didn't. So I borrowed her phone to call my number. It was ringing, but no one picked up. And I couldn't hear my ringtone in the toilet. (I changed to general settings right after my presentation ended) So she just told me it's gone already lor like that. I was like...still lost. I wanted to use her phone to call char but I don't know her number. Being very unfamiliar with north point made me felt worst lol. I walked around aimlessly thinking what I should do and how I was gna contact char. I found a public phone but had no coins. -.- So I deliberately went to buy some pau to get change. As I was walking back to the public phone, I was still thinking who should I call to get her number, and thank God she saw me. We went to the customers' service counter and I left my details. Char just kept calling my phone and it just kept ringing or else that person would press away the call. I'm guessing it was the auntie who told me there wasn't any tissue.. But I thought that person who told me that should be the cleaner no? Aiya whatever the case is, I think she didn't know how to off my phone. Which further shows that she should be an auntie. Lolol. After that when it was quite late it was finally off though.

Moral of the story is, NEVER EVER LEAVE  YOUR PHONE LYING AROUND IN PUBLIC! Even in a situation when you least expect it. The unexpected happens. I've learnt my lesson and now whenever I wash my hands in the toilet I put it in my pocket. I'm an extremely careless person just fyi. I lost my ezlink card uncountable times. Almost lost my phone twice. And now it happened. I'm lucky its a rather new phone so I don't have much pictures and messages in it. BUT STILL. The stuff that I'm most sad about losing are videos of Tavis.. I took videos and whatsapped my sisters the moment before everything happened to show them what was happening to him. But maybe it's a good thing to lose them cuz I don't wna get reminded. But I also lost the freaking snap chat video of him eating something I fed him which I deliberately saved.. :'(

Anyway, I've gotten a new sim card thankfully with the same number and I'm currently using my s2 even though its a little problematic. Not sure if I should get a new phone.. This phone is so so precious to me cuz it has EVERYTHING in it. 15000+ pictures. And a crazy amount of whatsapp and text messages. I really need to transfer as much as I can to my laptop asap. I'm also glad my dad didn't scold me at all. Which was quite surprising. I was so scared haha.

I don't know why I bothered typing out such a long post just on losing my phone. HAHAHAHA but I hope it entertained you somehow.

Here's to a stressful weekend doing presentation slides and reports and ugh... All things sucky. Can't wait for Wednesday when everything ends!

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