Friday, August 9, 2013

Kazokutei and Mad Jack

Sorry for the really bad quality of the above food photos! The lighting was super orange-ish it made all my photos so ugly :(

I thought the food was so so, at least for what I had (first photo) which was some beef thingy. I was disappointed with the udon and soup. The soup was just slightly warm. (my soups NEED to be super piping hot lol. But anyway this wasn't even hot!) The beef, needle mushroom, tofu and egg was just ordinary. Not worth for the price imo which was $20 including a drink! Maybe it'll be better to try other less ordinary dishes.
Kazokutei at Plasa Singapura Level 4

Turkey Bacon Beef Burger. My two favourite together - bacon and beef wahahaha. It was not bad. But so difficult to eat with everything falling off. :/
Next was dessertsssss. They were so excited for desserts HAHA. I swear my friends CANNOT leave without them. Anyway I didn't had the brownie/chocolate cake becuz I am just not a chocolate kind of person. I find most chocolates too sweet for me. I mean I like the taste of it but it is just too sweet LOL. When between Vanilla and Chocolate I always choose vanilla. And I LOVEEE milk/white chocolate. Less rich than chocolate and also becuz I love milk haha. But I still love chocolates like twix, ferrero rocher and the cadbury one with hazelnuts hehe. Just that I have to eat it with milk!
  The brownie was really good too. It was warm and it goes well with the cold(duh) scoop of vanilla. It was however too sweet for me as usual. It is just me guys. If you're more normal like my friends you'll feel like you're going to heaven (what they felt HAHAHA)
 So anyway, I still chose a chocolate cake in the end hahahaha. This chocolate banana cake above! I love banana since young so I thought I'd try this cake. Something less boring than a cheesecake which I almost ordered. It was a good chocolate banana cake. If you love both then you'll love this. But as expected the chocolate part wasn't really my cup of tea! Still finished it though. 

Overall I really like Mad Jack. Good food, good desserts, affordable prices and good service without service charge hahaha.

Mad Jack 
NEX #B1-27

Lastly, 2 random photos when we went newton for dinner. Honestly thought chomps is much nicer than newton. Or at least the stalls we ate from. There are sooo many stalls selling the same thing. It was quite annoying having aunties and uncles shoving their menus up to your face and bringing you to a seat. :/ Looking at these photos is making me hungry!! :(

I hope I made you hungry too! ;)

I've never really done such food "reviews" before even though I LOVEEE to eat and trying out different food places. I guess it was becuz I just care about whether I liked it or not HAHA. But I thought I shall start sharing with anyone who reads this space. :) /Getting more serious with my food now hurhur/ 

On a side note, Semester 1 is over!!!! Sooo relieved. My holidays has technically started. Techinally becuz I am only left with 2 written exams. Can't wait for them to be over so then sem 1 will officially end!

530am done blogging and off to bed. I swear I just turn into an owl once the holiday starts. ALWAYS.

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