Thursday, July 18, 2013


Just some updates.. on a brighter note though. I've been trying to avoid staying at home as much as I can.. I was actually glad that no one was able to replace me for my Saturday work shift. Because working occupied me, so it was better than staying at home. However, it seems like he was and is still always stuck at the back of my mind. Staying at home is really terrible. All I can do is cry. Especially when no one's home. Before work on Saturday was a disaster. Cried like I've never cried before. And again,the next day before I went out. Every night before I sleep. Every part of this house reminds me of you Tavis. It's difficult, it really is. And that exact scene of you losing your breath just keeps replaying in my mind. But I realised when I'm out or at school I'm able to just be the self I was before everything happened, like nothing ever happened, which is a good thing.
Ugh this post was meant to be a happier one.. Please pardon all these emotional crap I'm typing. I promise I'll get better. //

Tea at teadot while Kes studied for her driving test. We were waiting for some girls to leave so I can charge my dying phone but they were just hogging all the way -_- Thank God we found seats at starbucks and managed to charge after. Sadly, I lost our photobooth pictures at sb. :(
The queen finally reached and the both of them refused to get out of nex so we settled at pizza hut for dinner in the end. 
Oh did I mention that I haven't met this bitch on the left for the longest time ever. So glad we three was able to have dinner together, after so long. <3 p="">

(Ok this is just a para of my rant about the super poor customer service we received at nex's pizza hut outlet.) The waitress who served us was the problem. I'm not sure if she really has some sort of problem i.e. a bit slower (I'm not being mean in any way) or that she is just a very blur person and can come off as a little rude. We told her our order and the flavour of our pizza twice. And she could still say "Err but sorry ah mam you haven't tell me your choice of pizza yet" we were like "...." so we repeated. -_- After that we told her our drinks which we wanted. She didn't hear us AGAIN. So she asked us about our drinks somehow like how she asked about the pizza. It wasn't like Oh sorry I didn't catch that can you repeat kind of thing, it was like she totally didn't hear us mentioning. And the way she asked was a bit rude when she was the one who didn't heard us but she made it seemed like we were the one who didn't mention. Next, we waited a pretty long time for our food, so we asked a waiter. He just looked blur (another one) and just walked away and called the waitress who took our order. I mean if I was him, I would have went something like "So sorry mam please hold on" or "hold on while I'll check for you" and not just walk away like that. The waitress came and asked "sorry but what's the problem ah" and when we told her our food was not here yet, she went "Oh really ah" -_____- no la no la just playing with you only. Seeeriously. But at least, the food came right after. K rant over!

 No x-large because this two photos are super unflattering shots of me haha. But look! She was following whatever I was doing hahaha

Impromptu decision to stay over at her place. I really didn't wanted to go home AT ALL. Because I knew I was just gna cry. I didn't wanted  to go home and feel so empty. Plus I knew my sister wasn't home yet. Anyway look at how adorable her little cousin is!! She looks cuter in real. She kept copying whatever I did haha. But it was quite stressful trying to get her to sleep and she cried a little.
Thanks for letting me stay over<3 div="">
Random picture taken in class. Thanks Christian for the stickers! Look alike, don't we? :) Well except for the cartoon's super sharp chin which I very unfortunately do not have lolol.

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