Friday, August 30, 2013

50 Facts About Me

Hi guys. Since I've been tagged on instagram to do 20 facts about me... I ended up coming up with a lot more so I decided  to blog a 50 facts about me HAHA. 20 of  them are in my instagram post so if you've seen it, here's another 30! 

1. I love to eat and I can eat a lot. LOL like who don't already know that.
2. Unfortunately, I'm severely underweight and I hate it.
3. I love sports especially volleyball and I played for 6 years. Wish I am still playing :(
4. I used to have 3 dogs just few months ago.. But now I am left with 1.. I really love dogs.
5. I love musicals especially wicked, lion king and phantom. 
6. I really love acting. I wish I can repeat my secondary school days all over again just for it.
7. I love to sing. But I never really sang to anyone. I sing all the time when I'm home teehee.
8. I have a HUGE phobia of lizards. I am not kidding. And my house has tons which explains.
9. I can swim but I can't float, no matter how hard I try.
10. I fear death, a lot.
11. I also have a phobia of taking the lift alone.
12. I am very afraid of mrt doors closing on me.
13. I love baking and always dreamed of opening a bakery/cafe. 
14. I love travelling to other countries. And I have a dream to travel the world someday.
15. I love photography. "A picture is worth a thousand words."
16. I love to sleep and I will get really angry if anyone wakes me up from my sleep.
17. During secondary 4, I was late the most number of times in my entire school. (I am not proud of it)
18. Which reminds me, during sec 3, I had to attend classes with some others on how to stop being late. And I received a certificate for completing it. It is the most embarrassing and useless certificate I own. 
19. I love anything British, especially the British accent.
20. which brings me to fact 20, I love one direction. I know, how typical and mainstream. But they were a huge part of my life at one point, and I still love them the same now.
21. I have a slight addiction at YouTub-ing (wat who am I kidding) I have so many youtubers I love and watch them everyday.
22. I love reading and how it takes me away from reality.
23. My favourite genre is romance for both books and movies. 
24. I am a very sentimental person. I get touched and cry easily while watching movies/shows.
25. I am very hairy naturally lolol
26. I have a fierce face by nature, many people thought I was fierce/unfriendly before they got to know me.
27. So yes, after you get to know me, I am actually a very friendly and crazy person. I think only my close friends know how crazy I can get haha.
28. I find it very hard to trust people after going through so much.
29. One of my pet peeves would be people in front of me walking very slowly.
30. I love watermelon juice.
31. I love vegetables.
32. But I hate carrots.
33. I prefer vanilla over chocolate. 
34. I used to be so crazy over Justin Bieber I literally cried watching his videos. Oh and btw his concert night is the best night of my life. 
35. I love shopping it makes me happy like how eating does.
36. I have a shoe fetish. I love buying shoes.
37. I really love daisies.
38. I am afraid of heights, but I still love going on roller coasters and doing flying fox etc. Contradicting.
39. I hate chinese and I absolutely suck communicating in chinese. Let's not get to reading/writing.
40. I love surprises. (who doesn't?)
41. I love the colours pink, red, turquoise and mint green.
42. I hate cats. I am actually afraid of them hahaha.
43. I am extremely fickle-minded/indecisive. (A Libra trait)
44. And yes, I believe in Astrology mainly horoscopes.
45. I love sour sweets especially sour skittles and lot 100's sour+ gummies *hint hint*
46. I love spicy food and can't leave without my chilli padi!
47. I love Jap(sushi! ramen!) and Italian (pizza! pasta! risotto!) food lolol
48. I love macarons.
49. I am very inquisitive about everything.
50. I learnt how to play the piano with an electric keyboard a few years ago. I actually memorised every single key from the small screen for a few songs. Soooo I know nothing about the notes lol. But I enjoyed playing it a lot.

If you read all the way here, virtual fist bump for you! Hahaha

Hope you learnt something about me mwahahaha. Bye! :)

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