Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sakura and Arbite

 Just some of the food at Sakura International Buffet (dinner)!

What you have to do with a fisheye lens LOL


I had the Turkey Beef Burger. I thought it was really good. There were mushrooms under the beef. Everything was big and chunky. Generous serving! And I really liked the salad. The dressing was a little sourish :)

And she had some tiger prawn chili pasta or something. I thought it was good too. I can't wait to go back to try their breakfast!

I took so much effort to edit these food pictures, and I swear it looked so clear and pretty! Until I transferred to my laptop -_-

                                                  Address: 66 Serangoon Garden Way, 555962
                                                                       Phone:6287 0430
                                                    Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
                                           Monday Closed
                                        Tuesday- Friday 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Was studying at coffee bean at gardens and had an impromptu dinner with K. So glad we talked about something we've been wanting to talk about.. Just thinking about it makes me.. ugh :(

I can't believe we're going through the EXACT same thing. I just feel so sad.. We feel sad. Really. I don't know why but one thing I am sure about is that you take us for granted. Because we're always here for you. We cherish you so much. Is that why you take us for granted? Why is it that you never initiate anything, it is always us putting in effort in our friendship? Why is it that everytime we ask you out, you'll either have something on, or you are working? Why does it seem like you only appreciate me, and call me your best friend when I listen to your problems and give you advice? Why do you seem fine with not caring about making time for us? Why do we need a "reason" to meet you now? Why is that you treasure all your new friends so much more than you treasure us? Are you really throwing your 7-8 years of best friends aside? My heart just drops everytime I see the same reply from you. Everytime before I initiate something, I will hesitate. "Should I ask her again? I bet she's gna say the same thing, as always." I try, or rather we try all the time. Now we're on the verge of giving up. Why should we bother so much when you, don't? Well..  because you're our best friend. We believe you're just going through a phase, and you're rather lost, seeing how you've been going through so much recently. At least we hope.. So now.. Will you still care about us? I know you're not like this. I miss the old you. The old us. I hope you're reading this. 
We will never leave you no matter what.

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