Sunday, October 13, 2013

School sucks

It's already Sunday.... Which means the last day of my 2 month long break. THIS SUCKS. I am dreading school sooo much guys. I start at 9am from tues-fri. Everyone knows I'm a late queen, not like I am proud of it but it is the fact. Even though I am still late in poly, it is so much less than in secondary school because we start late on most days in sem 1. But now... really Dreading the early mornings.

Another thing... gsm. That annoying and of no use module we take for the sake of our module credit. I freaking woke up at 830 on the dot to register for the module and slot that I want. And guess what? It didn't got registered. I still got the same module as the rest but different time slot. 3 instead of 2pm. And we end at 12pm on that day. Totally ruining my thursdays. Thank God J is in the same time slot as me or else I'd be a loner lol. I'm not looking forward to reports and presentations and dreadful and boring as hell lectures sigh and it is only sem 2 of year 1 lol fml. But on a brighter note, time flies and I should stop complaining cuz in the future I'd probably yearn to return to poly days.

This was a pointless rant post. I shall go eat something now.

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