Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Visual Spam

The last day of our innovation boot camp which was a WASTE of time lol
Lunch at nandos.. Look at how pathetic my chicken was ^ LOL

Had some cakes at this random place we saw somewhere near Haji Lane. My oreo cheesecake was disappointing but they liked theirs though haha
Damn step #sorrynotsorry

They went home and already changed etc but something happened that night and they just came down to gardens to meet me right away and stayed with me till 6am :( She didn't even wear her tudong OMG this kind of friends where to find. :') THANK YOU!!! We did the stupidest and lamest things at coffee bean to pass time hahahaha. 

My favourite necklace I got from f21 which consists of 3 hearts is now rusty and gross :'( I've been wearing it ever since I got it every single day. I never took it out when I took a bath etc :/ RIP :( Lolol
 Dessert at Dessert First somewhere along bugis. The area where there are a few popz dessert places. It was so crowded but not worth the hype IMO. 
Relieving our younger days when neoprint was the trend ;) Kinda glad that neoprint machines are still around!
Super girly outfit hahaha. Dress and bag belongs to K lolol cuz I didn't brought anything suitable for town when I stayed over haha.
I find it funny how we each took like 1234567 years to take a satisfied ootd shot LOL funny thing is I ended up insta-ing the very first one that was taken with the phone instead of the camera HAHA

Random pictures of the thai food we had 
Ending the visual spam off with a picture of Lemon(my cousin's doggie) and I :)
Pardon all the blurry pictures btw!

Omg so so so glad I finally bothered to blog. I have been drafting this post since FOREVER. I just never bothered to complete it and post. I have been out and about either working/spending quality time with important people/other matters. The only time I have to myself would be the end of the day like midnight and I will usually watch my daily dose of youtube videos. I know I have mentioned I am a youtube addict and I shall share with you guys a list of youtubers I watch one day hehe.

Anyway, I have a lot of pictures to blog about but I decided to not combine it in this post. So.. we'll see when I get the motivation to blog again. Hahaha. At least I get to document my life in pictures even if the photos are overdue right! ;) 

F1 was a great experience for me. I got exposed to behind the scenes of such a big event and highlight of Singapore. Even though I joined alone cuz my friends backed out last minute becuz of what else but kpop(haha), I'm glad I made some really great friends. I won't deny I was freaking lonely during training+orientation but I survived! Oh and did I mention I saw David Beckham hahaha so hot just like in the pictures. (inserts heart-shaped eyes emoji) But I missed the chance to see rihanna/jb cuz we ended late. :(

Oh yes, yesterday my dad, sisters and I stayed over at my cousins' place for their dad's funeral. In the morning we went for the cremation and it was such a sad scene. Obviously we cried even though we weren't that close with him but it was too hard to contain seeing my relatives cry their hearts out having to lose someone so dear to them, forever. The reason why I'm writing about this is because after all these, I got reminded HARD that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Life is so unpredictable. We all know that. Anything can happen. We never know when we are going to leave. Something I fear THE MOST is Death. I can't deny that. I am just so afraid of dying. Why? Because I haven't accomplish a million and one things. I haven't say the words I wna say. I haven't experience things I want to. I haven't meet the people I want to. I haven't give back to the people I need to.  I haven't travel the world... and the list goes on.

In short, I just haven't seen enough of this world. But our time is short, so really, live life with no regrets. I know it is so easy to say but so difficult to really do it because we all know we regret way too many things in life. But seriously, never take things for granted and treasure everyone around you. RIP uncle. 

I'm done here, 
till then! :)

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