Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear Tavis,

This morning I heard a sound, a sound that sounded like you leaning on my door. And for a moment, I thought you were here with me again. I miss you so so so much. No words can describe. I wish I can just see you once more. I miss your cute, innocent face. I miss seeing you sleep, I miss seeing how excited you get when we bring you for walks or give you food. I miss your presence.

You have never left my side for 7 years, and to suddenly lose you forever is not easy. I hope you know that I still think of you and that I will always think of you.

I hope you're doing well in doggy heaven. I hope you made some friends. I hope you're still by Baby's side and that you both will always stay together no matter what. I hope you're happy and smiling.

Your owner.

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