Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year Resolutions (Hello, 2014!)

Hi there, you! Whoever who is reading this, thank you for coming over to read my first post of 2014 hahaha. I am fully aware of how much I have neglected this space. :(
I guess laziness kind of overwhelmed me.... And life events have been taking up my time and I'd rather do something else like online shopping or youtubing when I'm on the laptop than blog.. :/

I swear there were a few times I had wanted to blog. BUT, a few my laptop keys stopped working. I have been so annoyed when trying to google something or even tweet. School has not resumed which means I don't have to do much typing. But because I had to do some assignment, I pulled out my long forgotten netbook. It's a mini laptop which I used to use. THANK GOD it is still working. And which is why I can now blog too yay. Even though it is kind of straining and tiring using it. I wonder how I used to use it everyday lol. Ok enough blabbering, on to the main point - 2014 resolutions.

I believe I did a blog post on my 2013 resolutions, and I also strongly believe that I did not accomplish them lolol. SUCH IS LIFE. I am kind of convinced that resolutions are probably not meant to be resolved. LOL.

Howeverrrrrr, I think I should still come up with resolutions for 2014, this time just a few, realistic ones.

1. Drink more water. 
Sighhhh one of my many life problems would be not drinking enough water. UGH. I'm just not someone who drinks water frequently. I can go a day without drinking a sip of water which means my body is really dehydrated. :'( I would rather drink sweet drinks etc. WHICH IS REALLY BAD. Drinking a cup a day is already considered good for me. lol. 

2. Eat healthily.
I'm not talking about going on a full "eat-clean" diet of course. But just as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables as well as cutting down on food high in sugar and salt etc etc. My diet is probably the worst. I don't even care about what I put in my mouth. :/ Sometimes I try to make myself green juices, smoothies and salads when I'm feeling motivated. But then it never lasts.. 

3. Gain 2kgs.
Yes you must be thinking, huh? Gain 2kgs in a whole year? What's so difficult about that? Er, I think my body is just weird. One of my resolution for 2013 was to gain 4 kgs and guess what, not even a single kg gained. Sooo to be more reaslitic, 2kgs!

4. Improve in my studies.
Needs no explanation. I guess everyone would want to do better in terms of studies every year, right?

5. Spend less, save more.
I am such a spendthrift and I have spent way too much in 2013. I need to save more and be more wise financially. 

6. Exercise frequently.
In 2013, I only exercised ONCE........ I KNOW. HOW UNFIT?!?!?! I just completely stopped after leaving secondary school cuz poly don't force you to exercise with pe lessons neither am I still in a sports cca... I really hope I will start going to the gym to work out, and hopefully gain some muscle mass which will help me in my goal to gain weight.

7. Improve on my punctuality. 
Ya so like everyone knows how I'm always late.... PLEASE let this be the year I improve on this. :(

And that's it!! Ok it might be quite a few... and I'm not actually expecting to accomplish everything though that would be great. At least complete half of the list I guess? 

I am determined to make this year a better year. Carpe diem shall be my motivational phrase for the new year. 

Till then! :)

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