Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pink Dot 2013

Yay for pink! I don't know why even though I LOVE pink, I don't have any pink clothes! But managed to find a pink tank top haha. This was my ootd until I lost all my girly feels and changed to denim shorts hahaha.
To be honest, I've never heard of pink dot until Justin mentioned it. I wasn't very sure what to expect there but it sounded like a really meaningful event. The plan was to shop at vivo with Sandy before we decide whether to go or not. I was so late (as usual :( ) and we ended up at pink dot at 730ish and met poor Justin who were with his friend's friend's friends. LOL. 
If you don't know what Pink Dot is, it's basically an event or movement that supports the freedom to love! Whether lesbians, gay, bisexuals or trangender therefore the short term #LGBT
It started at 5, so when we got there it was almost ending but at least it was during the more important part of the event when we try to form the dot etc. Since we were late there were no more badges and light sticks thingy :( Oh and when I exited clarke quay station I was so surprised with how it looked from where I was! Really beautiful.
A pink heart went on a screen which was high up on a hotel. If you can see it means you're part of the dot!
While we were waiting for the speeches to be over, this girl beside us started talking to us. I would say it was a bit scary how outgoing she was. Her friends said she was crazy LOL. She also asked Justin for his number but yknow.. Too bad she's not his cup of tea. HAHAHAHA. 
It was like a clubbing scene going on after it ended and it was so hot and crowded so please pardon ours (or my) sweaty faces/face hahaha.
When we were walking around Sandy shouted that she wants a balloon and a guy in front of her turned around and just gave it to her! SO SWEET RIGHT?!?!! I went around shouting I wanted a balloon but no one gave me leh :( HAHAHAHA

And the photo I took off :) Yes that's 21,000 people right there, all with the same reason for being there! I think my first pink dot experience was quite a good one ;)

Photo I took off google. We went around central looking for somewhere for dinner but everywhere had long queues! This too but we still ended up here. Waraku Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant.
 The ramens came in this mega huge gigantic bowl. I think it is the biggest bowl I've ate from lol. Don't judge my chipped nails though I bet you just did.
I had  the Niku Chige ramen that was with beef and a spicy soup base. Justin had something similar and Sandy had the Sukiyaki Udon! All were really good. I love ramen and this was easily the best ramen I've had! (in Singapore at least) (and I haven't tried Ippudo's :( )

Sorry for this photo of my face and bangs looking super disgusting but this is how big the bowl is compared to my face haha!

We signed up for a membership for $30 but got a $50 voucher which we used and so our bill ended up from $90+(including the membership cost)  to $40+ which was really nice hehe.

Took a stroll around Clarke Quay and that was my Saturday for you!

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